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I am a postdoctoral researcher at the BCBL since October 2017. I work with Ram Frost and Blair Armstrong on Computational Models of Visual Word Recognition.

Previously, I was a PhD Candidate at the Institute of Logic, Language and Computation, at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, where I worked with Jelle Zuidema, Carel Ten Cate and Remko Scha on Computational Modelling of Artificial Language Learning.


Our paper was accepted for the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (special track on Deep Learning, Knowledge Representation, and Reasoning)!
Raquel Garrido Alhama
Raquel G. Alhama
Computational Modelling of:
language learning, language evolution,
visual and auditory word recognition.
Syntactic parsing, part-of-speech tagging,
connectionism, neural-symbolic integration.

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